About Annwyn and the Owl King

Annwyn and the Owl King is a fantasy adventure story featuring fairies, owls, spiders, turtles, monsters, magic, music and demons! It tells the story of Annwyn Bluebell, a Spriggin living in Anglia Forest with her best friends Pooka, Dandelion, Ash and the screech owl Oscar, the soon-to-be crowned Owl King.  

On the night of Oscar’s coronation, a terrible thing happens, and the little owl is gravely injured. Cornish Nettle, the no-good steward, and his son Dartmoor frame Annwyn for the crime, and she flees into the forest with her injured friend. Thus begins Annwyn’s adventure into a world of magic, mystery, adventure and danger. Along the way, Annwyn and Oscar will travel to an underwater kingdom, fight vicious monsters, meet new friends and discover the power of magic, all while Dartmoor pursues them.


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