Characters in “Annwyn and the Owl King”

Here’s a list of some of the main characters in Annwyn and the Owl King. There are many, many more lurking within, so read the book to find out more!


Annwyn Bluebell–A beautiful young Spriggin with a strong will and free spirit. She loves her family and friends above all else, and she’s been chosen to play the featured melody on her flute at her best friend Oscar’s coronation, though she’s very nervous about it. Annwyn has never been known to back down from a challenge or speak her mind, especially if someone is threatening her friends.

Oscar–A fun-loving young screech owl who is on the verge of becoming the next King of Anglia Forest. Oscar loves a good wisecrack and joking with his friends, but not at the expense of doing what needs to be done. Though small, Oscar is courageous and won’t hesitate to fly into danger to help his friends.

Pooka Rose–A tall, handsome, quiet Sprig who has always been deeply in love with Annwyn, something that this bashful drummer tries to hide, though all his friends just love to tease him about it. Though he doesn’t say much, Pooka expresses himself best through his drums, where his boundless inner-strength finally shines through.

Dartmoor Nettle–An unctuous, conceited, snide Spriggin who just so happens to be the son of the Steward of Willow Hills, the Sprig’s village. Dartmoor’s sense of entitlement knows no bounds, and he has his sights set on Annwyn, much to her dismay. For him, it’s not a question of if they get together, it’s a question of when.

Dandelion Buttercup–A bright, cheery Sprig who has one setting–hyper. A disaster waiting to happen, Dandy is a quick thinker and fast talker whose antics always bring a smile to her friends’ faces–even Ash’s.

Ash Alder–A grumpy, frumpy, disheveled Sprig whose gruff exterior belies a caring and generous nature. He and Dandy have been known to bark at each other a little bit, but their bond could not be any stronger. Despite being so cranky, Ash is loyal to his friends and a Sprig you want on your side if there’s trouble.

Cornish Nettle–Dartmoor’s father and the current Steward of Willow Hills. Like son, like father, as Cornish is a cold, calculating, imperious scoundrel who somehow ended up wresting control of the village from the former steward. His very presence makes others uncomfortable, and many Sprigs worry about their future with him in charge.

Rowan Blackthorn–A foul, crude, rude, disagreeable cuss of a Spriggin who is also Dartmoor’s flunky, and as such, he enjoys a certain level of immunity–something he loves to lord over the other Sprigs who are forced to tolerate him.

Llangollen and Gwilyn Bluebell–Annwyn’s loving parents who could not be more proud of her. While they are normally warm, caring and nurturing, they have recently been at odds over Dartmoor’s interest in their daughter.

King Otus and Queen Asio–Oscar’s regal parents, who are overseeing the transition of power to their son. They could not be more proud of Oscar, as they have seen the seeds of greatness in him, and they look forward to a long and happy life together once they retire.

Emmlen–A powerful sorceress who lives beneath the Emerald Lake, a haunted place that Spriggins don’t dare go near. She has been watching Annwyn for a long time now, and when the moment arises, she takes the young Sprig under her wing and shows her the path she must take.

Lycurgus–A giant spider teeming with evil magic. His only goal is to satisfy his own bloodlust and desire to dominate the Spriggins and Owls, two inferior, weak species who don’t deserve their power.



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