Books Are Here!

Brian here.

Our shipment of books for the Kids’ Lit Midsummer Mini Fest at the Big Blue Marble bookstore on Sunday has arrived! We’ve got 20 copies just waiting for all those eager readers.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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Here Come the Drums!

Made the drums for the book event last night with the “help” of Wyatt and my dog Titan. In spite of their best efforts, I got them all done & we’re all ready to play Pooka’s beat on Sunday. Meanwhile, Dawn made blueberry muffin pops with a lemon drizzle–hoo boy are they good! Between them and the zucchini bread, it may be a good idea to wear elastic pants to the event.  We can’t wait to see everybody at the Big Blue Marble bookstore!


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Getting Ready for Our Book Event in Mount Airy

Brian Here!

Just under a week and counting for our book event at the Big Blue Marble bookstore in Mount Airy & we’ve been getting ready. We’ve zeroed in on the snacks we’re bringing–zucchini bread made with ingredients we grew in our garden & drizzled with honey from my sister’s farm & blueberry muffin cake pops covered with a lemon glaze. Dawn baked the first batch of zucchini bread this weekend & it was gooooooood. Tonight we’re attempting the blueberry muffin cake pops.

We got the materials for the fairy wings & the drums, which we’ll be making starting tonight. I guess I’d better figure out what drum beat to teach the kids!

And finally, here’s a picture of our son Wyatt trying out the wings–he said he was a butterfly.

Stay tuned–we’ll be posting even more stuff as the week goes on.


Get Your Own Copy of “Annwyn and the Owl King”

You can get a copy of Annwyn and the Owl King from Amazon, either as a print-on-demand or for Kindle.

Here’s the link to the paperback version:

Kindle comin’ at ya:


Thanks for your support!

About Annwyn and the Owl King

Annwyn and the Owl King is a fantasy adventure story featuring fairies, owls, spiders, turtles, monsters, magic, music and demons! It tells the story of Annwyn Bluebell, a Spriggin living in Anglia Forest with her best friends Pooka, Dandelion, Ash and the screech owl Oscar, the soon-to-be crowned Owl King.  

On the night of Oscar’s coronation, a terrible thing happens, and the little owl is gravely injured. Cornish Nettle, the no-good steward, and his son Dartmoor frame Annwyn for the crime, and she flees into the forest with her injured friend. Thus begins Annwyn’s adventure into a world of magic, mystery, adventure and danger. Along the way, Annwyn and Oscar will travel to an underwater kingdom, fight vicious monsters, meet new friends and discover the power of magic, all while Dartmoor pursues them.


Hi All,

Welcome to the inaugural post about Annwyn and the Owl King.  I’m Brian, & I’m the “B” in D.B. Wales, the “D” being my better half, Dawn. We’re having a book event at the Big Blue Marble bookstore in Mount Airy, PA, on July 20th @ 3:00 p.m. as part of their Kids’ Literary Mid-Summer Mini-Fest. You can find out more here:

We’re going to read from our book, Annwyn and the Owl King, make fairy wings & teach everyone how to play the drum songs featured in the book! Oh, and we’ll have snacks, too! We’ll also make sure to have copies of our book on hand if you want your own copy. Thanks, and we hope to see you there!